Let's get zero waste!
Let us be eco-responsible with quality products from Quebec.


An accountant for 20 years, Lyne Provencher wakes up one day with a dream in mind.

Deeply sympathetic to the growing number of health problems caused by the use of toxic products and the consequent damage to our planet, Lyne was determined to transform her way of life.

By happy coincidence, she became the co-owner of La Bulle Verte in St-Jérôme in 2009 and six months later, the sole owner.

Completely in awe with the ecological concept of La Bulle Verte, Lyne was absolutely confident that she was on the right track. In an effort to help her clients make smart choices and switch to adopting a "green" approach, she is committed to further broadening her knowledge every day.

Passionate about the environment, she started supporting the many beautiful companies in Quebec that manufacture exceptional eco-friendly products by introducing them to us through La Bulle Verte.

Household products – Saint-Jérôme.

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