Let's get zero waste!
Let us be eco-responsible with quality products from Quebec.


A way of life to share!

La Bulle Verte is a shop that specializes in selling "green" products. You will find a wide range of eco-friendly products, both in bulk and in bottles, to help you start new habits and lead you to a whole new way of life.

Our wide selection of non-toxic products allows you to help protect the environment, quickly and effortlessly. Imagine all the discarded containers that you are now reusing! Not to mention the beneficial influence on your health! All our products are of high quality and are as efficient, if not more, than regular products.

At La Bulle Verte, we are committed to helping you take small steps, but significant initiatives, to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. You can either buy in bulk or choose from the various other "green" products in store. The qualified and friendly team at La Bulle Verte will be pleased to guide you towards eco-friendly shopping and a whole new way of life!

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